Prep C’s Ant Adventure


Posted by Jane Doye | Posted in Literacy Learning, Writing | Posted on March 1, 2018

This week we have been learning the letter “a” and listening for the different sounds it makes. We used magnifying glasses to investigate ants in the yard and then we had a go at writing about our ant adventure.


India and Luke wrote independently and as a whole class we gave them some feedback. We liked the way Luke tried to hear the sounds in words to help him spell and also the way he used his memory of seeing the word “I” at the beginning of a sentence. We liked the way India used 2 finger spaces between her words and how she remembered to put a full stop at the end of her sentence. Both Luke and India used their knowledge of golden words when writing. Well done!

We made ants eating apples and had a go a careful copying. Well done everyone!

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