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Hi everyone,

I’m sure that by now you know that this week has been all about silkworms. The children are totally immersed in our Term 4 Inquiry topic “Changes within our Backyard”. Our silkworms are thriving and a big special thank you must go to Eva, who has been keeping up the silkworm’s food supply with leaves from her mulberry tree.

The children have been reading all about silkworms and practising their “Questioning Owl” comprehension strategy, which has us asking questions as we read and finding the answers within our texts.

We have already learnt so much about silkworms, their habitat, their survival needs and their lifecycle. The silkworms are at the larva stage and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

We have also been writing about our silkworms, recording our observations.

We have been using our five senses to explore our sensory garden.

In maths, we have been revising “teen” numbers and I’m pleased to say that most students have a handle on the concept of a teen number being 1 ten and some extras, e.g. 13 is 1 ten and 3 extras. Well done Prep C!

A big week in Prep C


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Hi everyone,

This week we have been learning how to write our own stories. We have used our puppet characters from the previous week’s writing and we have role played to help develop our ideas.

We have studied the beginning, middle and end of the stories we have read and this helped us to come up with a problem and a resolution for our own stories.

In Maths, we have been practising our subtraction through games and stories.

Kellie has been teaching us all about movement and our friend, Freddie, helped us to test some toys so we could analyse how they moved. We figured out that some toys turn, spin, roll, bounce, jump and flip. We discovered that many of the toys we tested required some force from us in order to make them move and that this force could control the direction of the toy’s movement. We discovered that some toys needed a flat surface to make them move and also that some fast movement of the toys we tested, made a whirring noise.

We all enjoyed Book and Movie Character Dress Up day, where we participated in a parade and did some writing about our characters.

And last, but by no means least, the children have been extremely busy in Digi Tech using a green screen to make their Lego creations into movies.


Weekly Reflection


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It has been another busy few weeks in Prep C. We have had our Prep Motor Show to launch our inquiry unit about transport. We enjoyed writing about our toy vehicles and here are some examples for you to look at.

We have been learning how to use descriptive language in our writing. We have expanded our vocabulary and have been creative with pastels and watercolours. We were extremely impressed with Adrian and Willow’s writing and their improvement earnt them the title of “Writers of the Week”.

India brought in her family friend’s first reader which was published in 1955. India read it to the class and we discussed the content of the book and how times have changed!

We have been practising our subtraction in Maths and we made up some subtraction stories.

Kellie taught the children how to play subtraction bowling and we had lots of fun knocking down teddies and recording the equations.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!


Morning Book Club


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Many of you may already know that some of the teachers at our school have started a morning book club in Room 17 (aka The Quiet Room or Melrose extension) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It opens at 8.15 and goes until 8.45 for all ages. Children are invited to come in out of the cold and enjoy books, magazines, comics etc in a safe and comfortable environment.

Everyone is welcome and I look forward to hearing about, or perhaps even seeing, some of the children in Room 17 one day soon.

Any questions, please give me a shout.


A big week in Prep C


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It’s been another busy week in Prep C.

This week the children have conducted interviews with our school workers to find out how they help our school community. In preparation for the interview, the children learnt about closed and open-ended questions and as a class, came up with some questions they thought would elicit interesting information from their chosen worker. Many of the children overcame feelings of nervousness and everyone did a super job. It was a pretty big deal and I’m very proud of them all! The interviews were filmed by our Year 4 buddies and will be sent home on USB’s at the end of the year.

We have made a few changes to our morning reading routine and the children are enjoying using our whisper phones.

We have been learning how to make personal connections to the books we read and using our thought bubble to verbalise our connections. Some children have started using sticky notes to mark the page that reminds them of something they have experienced in their own lives.

“The part in the book where the boy catches a fish reminds me of the time when I went fishing with my grandpa”.

To support our learning of letter writing, we have been studying “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. We have had many laughs at the expense of peach crayon who wrote to Duncan to complain of being naked and unable to leave the box because his crayon wrapper had been peeled off. We thought about which crayon was our favourite and wrote them letters begging them not to quit!

In Maths we have been learning about birdseye view mapping. We created a whole class map of the school and had a go at drawing our own. We also LOVED exploring google earth making virtual visits to many children’s homes. We were quite amazed at the technology and it kept us busy for a good hour of impromptu learning and exploring.

Congratulations to our Ricky Resilience award winners from Tuesday’s assembly and also to our eager joggers who have racked up 25km and 50km at jogging club.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Doye 😃

Learning Reflections…


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Hi everyone,

Here is a snapshot of what has been happening in Prep C lately.

In Reading, we have learnt a new decoding strategy, Predicting Panda, where we use the clues in the texts to predict what may happen next. It doesn’t matter if the prediction is wrong, what’s important is that we are making a guess that is guided by what we have read and what we see in the pictures.

We have been continuing with our addition learning, solving problems by using the part/part/whole approach. We’ve rolled dies to give us two parts in order to make a whole caterpillar and most recently, we’ve used dominos to represent our two parts before joining them together to make our whole (or all together number). Some students have started learning how to use their fingers to count on from the biggest number when adding 2 numbers together.

In our inquiry studies, we have been learning about our 5 senses. We tried them out with a variety of objects – smelling, touching, hearing, and seeing! We decided that we would not taste the objects because our teacher blindfolded us! We know that we should never taste anything unless we are sure of what it is – this keeps us safe!

This week the children were very excited to take home their Lexia logins. If you have any questions about how to access this program at home, please give me a shout. As a guide, we’d love to see the children using Lexia at home 3 times a week for no more than 15 minutes at a time!

Next Tuesday 22nd May is Gold for Green Day. This is an important day on the Mount Martha Primary School calendar, where as a school, we all do our best to care for our environment! Prep C will be planting with their Year 4 Buddies at 11.30 (directly after recess). It would be fantastic to have some parent helpers if anyone is available. Please let me know.

Thank you

Mrs Doye 😀

Read More in May


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Last week was the beginning of our Read More in May whole school campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage a love of reading and support the development of positive reading behaviours and skills of all of us at MMPS.

Your child has received a calendar to record the number of nights read in May. If you could do this in addition to writing in the Reading Journal, it would be greatly appreciated. Prizes will be awarded for each year level and class.

We are also running a photo competition with the theme “Paws for Books”. Take a photo of you and/or your family reading with your pets. Photo entries can be handed to the school office or emailed to the school email address –

Here’s a photo of Kevin the Kangaroo (our class mascot) reading with Gary & Bubbles to kick off the photo campaign. I look forward to seeing lots of photos from Prep C families over the coming weeks.


Term 3 Learning Reflection


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What a wonderful week we’ve had! We have immersed ourselves in the letter “W”, reading Where the Wild Things Are and making our very own wild thing masks. The children brainstormed some excellent descriptive words to describe their wild things – frightening, mischievous, fierce, ferocious, beastly. Who would have thought the Preps could have such sophisticated vocabulary?!

We have continued practising our counting with many children entering the 100’s club and the 50’s club. We have been talking about capacity and had some fun in the sand pit, using language like full, empty, half full, and overflowing. We realised that to be a fair comparison of capacity, we would need to use the same sized container.

We talked about why we think our pet is best and then had a go at writing to convince our reader. We put some excellent examples of writing on our WAGOLL Wall. WAGOLL stands for What A Good One Looks Like. Please take the time to have a look at what a good piece of writing looks like, respecting the different ability levels of the children.

To support our learning of the letter “P”, today was pyjama day! We felt very comfortable being in our PJ’s at school on such a wet and miserable day.

We made popcorn and made some observations about how the corn popped in the popping machine. Luke thought it looked like lava flowing out of a volcano. Some people thought the corn before it was popped looked like dried up mandarin seeds. It was yummy!

We finished the day with a movie, The Secret Life of Pets. I think everyone will need a big sleep tonight!

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Doye 😀

Reflections from Week 2…


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Hi everyone,

Last week was another busy week in Prep C. Congratulations to Blake, Coda, Hugh and Kira for being presented with Confidence Awards at our Prep Assembly on Tuesday.

We have had some outstanding efforts at Jogging Club recently and congratulations must go to Blake, Alby, Coda and Willow, who have all clocked up 10kms of jogging so far this year. Remember, jogging club runs before school Tuesdays to Fridays. It is a great way to start the day!

We have continued with our “fish” theme, creating a fishbowl masterpiece. The children are starting to get very creative with their imaginative vocabulary and scientific words. Please drop past our fishbowl display near the lockers to see what fabulous words the children are using to describe their fish. I hope to see many of these words included in their writing in the coming weeks.

We have been learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. The preps had a go at classifying some books from our classroom library. We now know that non-fiction books contain real information and often include a contents page, page numbers, headings, sub-headings, labelled diagrams and a glossary. We have also had a go at labelling some of our own diagrams.

In Maths, we have continued practising our counting. We have some children in the 100’s club, some in the 50’s club and some in the 20’s club. We have set individual counting goals and we are all working very hard to achieve our personal objectives.

This week we have cross country on Thursday at 9.15am (please wear a splash of your house colour) and Pyjama Day on Friday. I hope to see many parents on Tuesday afternoon at our Parent Helper Information Session. Busy and fun times ahead!

Mrs Doye 😀



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Today, the children attempted their first “Warm Write” writing piece. This is an assessment piece where children are asked to be brave enough to do some independent writing. They are well supported through this experience by reading and listening to stories related to the topic and engaging in lots of oral language before the task. During the task, children are asked to “have a go” at independent writing, then when they read their writing back to their teacher, they have the chance to copy the teacher’s scribe.

Our topic today was “The Adventures of Scruffy”.

Scruffy is a toy dog that has been living at the school for many years. On the weekend, he had an adventure at Mrs Doye’s house, where he got up to all sorts of mischief. Today, he was the inspiration for our writing.

Scruffy is going to have the opportunity to visit every student from Prep C’s house. He will arrive with no expectation other than to join the family for one night. I hope he doesn’t get up to too much mischief. We will use Scruffy’s home visits as an opportunity for lots of discussion and oral language development. I hope you enjoy meeting him.


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