First Week Reflections


Posted by Jane Doye | Posted in First Week of Prep | Posted on February 9, 2018

Wow! What an amazing start we’ve had in Prep C. The children are feeling confident in their classroom and in their playground. Today, we ventured out of the Prep Playground onto the Basketball Courts and into the Sensory Garden. This week, we have had Digi Tech (IT), PE (Sport) and Music. We have learnt our classroom rules, explored shapes and completed our “First Week in Prep” book. We have been practising writing our name the school way and have enjoyed many picture story books together. We have learnt the alphabet song and laughed at the funny pictures that go with each letter and sound. We have made new friends, learnt how to navigate our lunch boxes and still had time for some developmental play. We have also learnt how to pack up quickly and quietly. I’m sure we will all sleep well this weekend! 😴

Please enjoy some photos and student reflections of our first week.


“I have learnt to look at the teacher when she is talking. You must wear your hat outside and listen to Mrs Doye”, Matilda.

“It is very important to not climb trees otherwise you will ruin nature. You should always wear your hat otherwise you might get sunburnt. Always be kind to your friends otherwise they might get hurt”, Lucinda.

“Listen to the teacher. Walk outside and inside, don’t run. Only one at a time on the monkey bars”, Oliver.


“I learnt how to turn on the computers”, Sam.

” I learnt how to make colours and frogs on the computer”, Benny.

“I learnt that the teachers name is Mrs Forward”, Adrian.




First Day of Prep


Posted by Jane Doye | Posted in First Week of Prep | Posted on February 5, 2018

What a fabulous start to school we had today! The children were very settled, happy and eager to learn how our classroom is going to work this year. Please click on the link or photo below to enjoy a little photo story of your children on their first day of prep. I am looking forward to seeing all those lovely smiling faces again tomorrow.

From Mrs Doye 😄


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