Gold for Green Day – Whole School Reflection


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Please enjoy this video that was put together by Mrs Spiridis about Gold for Green Day. I think you will agree that we are part of a very special school community.


Gold For Green Day Whole School Highlights

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Gold for Green Day


Posted by Jane Doye | Posted in Biodiversity | Posted on May 24, 2018

This week we celebrated our Annual Gold for Green Day. We planted boobialla, prickly tea trees and black wattle. A big thank you to Mrs Spiridis who talked to us about these native plants and explained to us that we were planting the black wattle trees to entice sugar gliders to come into our gardens. We spent lots of time with our buddies, planting and making environmental pledges. The next day we had a go at writing a recount of our Gold for Green Day experience, 100% independently. Mrs Doye was very proud of how well we wrote without her help 😄


Well done to Willow, who earnt herself the title of “Writer of the Week” – she worked very hard to hear the sounds in the words in her writing and had a go at writing them without the help of her teacher!

The children from Prep C made promises to the environment such as “I promise not to waste electricity”, “I promise to water the new plants we planted” and “I promise to put my food scraps in the compost bin”. We talked a lot about how we can look after our planet when we are at school and made a list, including turning off the lights when we are not in the room, wearing a jumper instead of relying on the heater and leaving our lunch wrappers at home instead of bringing them to school.

We love spending time with our Year 4 buddies and we are so grateful that they can help us with our thinking and our writing.

Well done Prep C!

Gold for Green Day – Tuesday 22nd May


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