Transport – planes, trains, automobiles and more…


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Next week we will begin the next part of our Inquiry Unit about our Community, and look at how we move around. A focus for the children on transport and vehicles will kick off with our Prep Motor Show on Wednesday 22nd August. Each child is asked to bring a toy or model vehicle to school on this day or before. This could just be from their toy box, made from Lego or borrowed from a friend. It could be as small as a matchbox car or a bigger article. There is no need to buy anything special for this event.

Looking forward to some different types of transport to discuss!


Weeks 4 & 5 Learning Reflection


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It has been a huge fortnight in Prep C. Thank you to Ben and Danny for coming in to talk to us about firefighters and their service to the community. We learnt that if you are trapped inside during a fire you “crawl down low and go, go, go!”

We continue to make connections when we read and we call this strategy “Spinner the Spider”. When we use this strategy we connect what we are reading to what we already know, much the same way that a spider spins his web. We studied spiders and learnt that they have eight eyes. We enjoyed watching you tube videos of the newly discovered peacock spider.


Congratulations to our You Can Do It Award winners for this month. These children were presented with a certificate at Prep Assembly for showing resilience and being outstanding role models.

This week was Science Week and on Monday we met up with our Year 4 buddies to learn about how light bends through water to create a rainbow. They showed us their white light spinners and we blew bubbles creating lots of rainbows. We talked about how blowing bubbles was a physical change.

We learnt a new Maths Addition game called “Get out of the House” – its noisy, fun and helps us to practise our addition strategies.

On Thursday, I was very proud of how well the children managed themselves at swimming. Thank you to the parents who came along to support us. A couple of hints for parents to help make it easy for the children: no tights (leggings are much easier), two piece bathers for girls are helpful when going to the toilet at school, names on school t shirts, tracksuit pants and shorts are helpful, especially in the event that clothes get thrown on the floor 😳.

Today, we met up again with our Year 4 buddies to help us construct our own community. We made hospitals, police stations, lighthouses, vets, football ovals, schools and many other community buildings and places. Next week we will set up our community and reflect on everything we have learnt.

Have a great weekend.


Morning Book Club


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Many of you may already know that some of the teachers at our school have started a morning book club in Room 17 (aka The Quiet Room or Melrose extension) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It opens at 8.15 and goes until 8.45 for all ages. Children are invited to come in out of the cold and enjoy books, magazines, comics etc in a safe and comfortable environment.

Everyone is welcome and I look forward to hearing about, or perhaps even seeing, some of the children in Room 17 one day soon.

Any questions, please give me a shout.


Swimming on Thursday


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Special Community Place Projects


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Thank you to those families who have helped their Prep complete their Special Community Place Projects. They were due last week, so if your child is yet to hand theirs in, I’d like to collect the last of them this week if possible. If there are any issues completing the project, please do not hesitate to drop in for a chat. Over the next 2 weeks, I will ask the students, in turn, to tell the class about their favourite community place and show their project. This will replace Show and Tell for the next 2 weeks.


Jane Doye.

A special thank you


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A very special thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our Community Walk – Sandra, Kate, Katrina, Adam, Craig, Ben, Louisa, Cam and Jo.

Without your help, the day would not have been such a success. Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

Maths Incursion, Maths Night & Community Walk


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Could we possibly pack more into 1 week? I don’t think so!

We started the week with a bang with our Green Hats maths incursion where the children transformed themselves into master builders in a planks workshop. They were required to use their intuitive spatial awareness and consider the shape, weight and orientation of the planks as they problem solved in teams to create a structure.

Thank you to all of those who attended and supported our Maths Night. For those who missed it, shape, pattern and symmetry were the order of the night in the Prep area. In case you haven’t noticed, your teachers don’t mind a dress up!

On Thursday, the sun was shining and it was a perfect day for our Community Walk. We visited Higher Ground where we bought a hot chocolate, the post office where we bought a stamp and posted a letter, Bendigo Bank where we saw a machine that identified fake money and IGA where we bought a piece of fruit. We finished our outing with a play in playground. We noticed many other community workers on our walk including the postman, builders, the hairdresser and a taxi driver. We had lots of discussions about how these people contribute to our community and at the end of the day we talked about how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful local community.


Have a lovely weekend!


Community Walk Excursion tomorrow


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Hi everyone,

A note went home last night about what the children need to bring on our very first excursion.

I’ve had a few questions from parents this morning, so here are some clarified details for you.

Children will need a small bag to carry their belongings – I have sent home all the red library bags that are at school. If your child’s bag did not come home last night it must mean that it is already at home. The library bag is a good size for the excursion, or you may wish to send along another small bag. The children will be carrying their own bags, so please ensure it is a size they can manage independently.

They will need to bring a named purse or wallet with $2.50 in it, preferably 2 x $1 coins and 1 x 50 cents.

They will also need a drink bottle and a snack. We have asked for them to carry these in disposable containers only because in years gone by, expensive lunch boxes and drink bottles have been lost or left behind. I will leave it up to you to decide whether you go the disposable option or risk sending expensive containers.

Please also pack a waterproof coat. The weather forecast is looking good, but you just never know.

Children are to wear school uniform.

We will be leaving at 9.10am sharp, so please do not be late to school tomorrow. Thank you to all of our helpers who will be coming on the excursion with us.


Jane Doye

Maths Night Tonight


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Hi Prep C,

The children have spent the day preparing for our Whole School Maths Night tonight. We have been working with shape and pattern, creating signs and your teachers are now transforming our classrooms for a fun night!

I know it seems late, but if you arrive at 6.30 and only stay for half an hour, I’m sure the kids will really enjoy it! Feel free to bring them in their PJ’s, then straight home into bed.

I hope to see you here!

Mrs D 💃

A big week in Prep C


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It’s been another busy week in Prep C.

This week the children have conducted interviews with our school workers to find out how they help our school community. In preparation for the interview, the children learnt about closed and open-ended questions and as a class, came up with some questions they thought would elicit interesting information from their chosen worker. Many of the children overcame feelings of nervousness and everyone did a super job. It was a pretty big deal and I’m very proud of them all! The interviews were filmed by our Year 4 buddies and will be sent home on USB’s at the end of the year.

We have made a few changes to our morning reading routine and the children are enjoying using our whisper phones.

We have been learning how to make personal connections to the books we read and using our thought bubble to verbalise our connections. Some children have started using sticky notes to mark the page that reminds them of something they have experienced in their own lives.

“The part in the book where the boy catches a fish reminds me of the time when I went fishing with my grandpa”.

To support our learning of letter writing, we have been studying “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. We have had many laughs at the expense of peach crayon who wrote to Duncan to complain of being naked and unable to leave the box because his crayon wrapper had been peeled off. We thought about which crayon was our favourite and wrote them letters begging them not to quit!

In Maths we have been learning about birdseye view mapping. We created a whole class map of the school and had a go at drawing our own. We also LOVED exploring google earth making virtual visits to many children’s homes. We were quite amazed at the technology and it kept us busy for a good hour of impromptu learning and exploring.

Congratulations to our Ricky Resilience award winners from Tuesday’s assembly and also to our eager joggers who have racked up 25km and 50km at jogging club.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Doye 😃

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